What we do

Quercus Technology Service - Strategic Consultancy:

Cost-saving, Resiliency, Architecture, Automation, Onsite Consultants, Hardware, and datacentre supply.

Recent Use Case:

Our Investment Bank client required a globally resilient Enterprise platform allowing for rapid deployment of their application. The application required bank-specific customisation and performance tuning to ensure optimal performance for their users and processes.

sought experienced, strategic global partner capable of expanding and supporting their custom-configured ION Marketview platform

Quercus Technology Service - People - Based Services:

Our project-focused approach will deliver capacity uplift services alongside our strategic consultancy & managed service pillars.

Recent Use Case:

Delivery, orientation and management of a global ION Marketview team. Niche technical diversity & inclusion project with geographically specific deliverables. Investment Banking Risk development Team build-out. ION Anvil technical team relocation project. Rapid scale-up of FinTech client development unit.

Quercus Service - Managed Services:

Managing platforms, component upgrades, Dev, QA, UAT, and integration (Support 3rd line only), R&D Projects, Strategic HRM Consulting.

Recent Use Case:

Design, Architect, Manage & Monitor the technical infrastructure of a Global Fixed Income Trading platform. Outsourced HR function for a FinTech. Acted as a master vendor for a FinTech client. Design & build-out of internal TA Function. Build out of an international follow the sun model for an Investment Banking client.

Quercus Service - Strategic Training:

Gap analysis, key man dependencies, staff reviews, new employees, role expansion inheriting a new team.

Recent Use Case:

Training & development for fintech clients TA function.

Government Kickstarter scheme.

Trained a QA automation team with platform-specific technology skills and added market-specific fixed Income product knowledge.

Quercus Technology Service - Data Analytics:

Environment and resource mapping, Core Data Analytics such as driver performance mapping. Data-focused decision-making.

Recent Use Case:

Identified skills gaps within the recruitment arm of a Fintech client. We then created a project to build out the TA function with the help of the Quercus training pillar. Mapping of an eTrading team against the environment prior to the implementation of some new components into the tech stack

Quercus Technology Services - Subscription Services:

Skill mapping PaaS, eTrading PaaS, HaaS (Hardware) AaaS (API), BaaS (Message Bus)

Recent Use Case:

Electronic trading platform for internal markets, single dealer platform, order pre-matching, implied orders, risk curves. Technology, Platform & Skills Mapping tool.