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We take part in a number of activities or events. Here is some of the fun stuff that we do...... and yes, most of these pictures are of members of the team.


Quercus Technology Group works on the principle of Informed Consent:

Applicants are always informed of both where their resume is being sent and for which role before it is sent. Confirmation of representation will need to be confirmed.

We provide as much information about a position or project as possible to ensure that the applicant is only considered for roles that are of interest.

We do not try to 'sell' positions to applicants that would be unsuitable. This ensures that when an applicant is interviewed by a client and subsequently offered a position, he or she is virtually guaranteed to accept.

No CV is sent to any client without the explicit consent of the applicant.

We always respect the confidentiality of any information that an applicant provides & follow the most recent data legislation. Updated 05/2021